We believe that the foundation of any Smart City has to be its citizens and their life-experiences. This is why we have created a robust innovation pathway to help cities across the world address the genuine needs of their communities using cutting-edge technology.

Our Sustainable Development Innovation Lab can tackle complex issues by allowing you to take focussed and practical steps. What sets us apart is our approach to define and then co-produce solutions with communities. The city is our lab! We’ve worked with the private and public sector, as well as voluntary and grassroots organisations. We are also supporting a new breed of ethical entrepreneurs to scale their products and services globally. We can work with you in a number of ways. Have a look at our services or drop us a line!

We build ethical solutions that are co-produced with residents and scaled by governments.


In 2015 we were commissioned by the city of Leeds (UK) to develop a series of Age Friendly Smart City solutions. Themes included social isolation, community safety and public transport. Working closely with older people we have produced affordable services that are now being scaled to 100,000 residents across the city. These solutions use cutting edge-technologies but they aren't intimidating to use.

From problem statement to scalable prototype in six months.

Meet The Team

Our team has a wide range of skills and experience. Between us, we have worked with some leading global organisations. From Google to The Guardian, from the U.S. Library of Congress to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We share a playful and empathetic approach to innovation. This allows is to consistently define radical solutions to complex problems.

  • Abhay Adhikari

    Lead Consultant - Strategy

  • Eddy Adams

    Eddy Adams

    Urban Innovation Expert

  • Shi

    Technologist - Mesh Networks

  • Kriss Blank

    Technologist - Gamification

  • Radek Rudnicki

    Technologist - Data and Sonic

  • Quinn Daley

    Full Stack Developer

  • Cori Moore

    Workshop Facilitator


We work with private and public sector organisations . Themes we have covered so far include Waste Management, Social Housing, Energy and Climate Change.

You can commission us in a number of ways. This includes strategic development workshops and usability research programmes. We have run such sessions in the UK, The Netherlands and Sweden.

Any city can run a Sustainable Development Innovation Lab. Our innovation pathway will get you from problem statement to prototype in 6 months. Each cycle results in outcomes that are accessible, affordable and ready to scale.

We enjoy working with teams who are looking for creative and pragmatic solutions! Drop us a line and let's start a conversation.

“The Lab helped us tackle a complex issue and develop innovative solutions that can create positive behaviour change amongst our service users.”

Head of Sustainable Energy and Climate Change in a large public sector organisation


Careview is a web-app that uses GNSS positioning to improve the accuracy of outreach and door-knocking to identify socially isolated residents in a city, helping councils save money. This improves the statistical chances of finding socially isolated residents. Careview was the only non-clinical solution to win an NHS Innovation Award in 2017.

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