Join us for the launch of ‘Great Sense of Home’ at Art Hostel on June 6

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When: 4:30 – 5:30pm, June 6, 2016
Where: Art Hostel, 83 Kirkgate, Leeds LS2 7DJ

How well do you know your city?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a quiz.

We were recently set a challenge. Can residents planning to move house in a city explore their options without any bias? A website that won’t entice you to that popular neighbourhood where the property prices are guaranteed to go up. Or a map that won’t reassure you everyone on the street thinks just like you because they read the same newspaper.

We could have created a website that uses open data to show trends and then ask you to make your mind up. But we want to focus on you. What are your interests and needs?

Thanks to our friends at Leeds Data Mill, who have supplied us with many rich data sets, the prototype is now ready. Now we need your help. Our friends at the Art Hostel have kindly agreed to host a soft launch. The Art Hostel, the first of its kind in the UK, is a 30 bed venue that has been developed, curated and designed by artists.

If you’re interested in re-discovering the city, want to find out more about the platform or meet the developer then join us on June 6 at 4.30pm at the Art Hostel. Register your place by submitting the form below. If you have any questions please get in touch via email or tweet the organiser – @gopaldass.

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On 23rd May 2016
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